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                                                                                                                                                                                                 Diary No-  751-950/A

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dated- --  -11.01.2016

           The Syndicate/Senate vide para 13 and XL in its meeting dated 31-05-2015  and 27-09-2015 respectively has approved the New Pension Scheme for employees joined on or after 01-01-2004. The New Pension Scheme will be mandatory for those employees who joined the University w.e.f. 01-07-2015. The employees who joined the University between 01-01-2004 to 30-06-2015 and are not covered under the old Pension Scheme can opt the New Pension Scheme or continue with the contributory Provident Fund Scheme (CPF).

           The employees  who joined  from 01-01-2004  to  30-06-2015 and are  interested  to  opt  the said scheme may fill their Subscriber Registration Forms (Link  attached below ) and send it to the office of  Provident Fund Section (Accounts Deptt.)  on  or before               15-02-2016. If any of these  employees fails to submit the said forms within prescribed time, they shall be deemed to have opted to continue with Contributory Provident Fund Scheme. The said form has to be filled in Block Letters in English using black ink pen only.


This may kindly be brought to the notice of all the employees working in your Deptt/Branches.                                                                                       



  Assistant Registrar (Accounts)

   Panjab University Chandigarh






  Dated: 13/01/2016
119/09/2017Physical Verification report be submitted to the Accounts Branch by 10.10.2017
214/09/2017Enhance of D A from the existing rate of 132% to 136% w.e.f. 01.01.2017
312/09/2017Submit certified photo copy/ Duplicate medical bills for process the payment of reimbursement medical bills
401/09/2017New & Additional Demands in the Budget Estimates of 2018-19 (Reminder)
530/08/2017Reg. submit the service verification for annual increment in the months of May & June 2017
618/08/2017Time schedules and rationalize the processing of salary bills of faculty members and employees appointed on Temp/contractual
711/08/2017New & Additional Demands for the year 2018
831/07/2017Importance of research activities
928/07/2017Account Manual 2012 amendment in rule 16.3(a) under chapter XVI Estate Fund
1027/07/2017Reg. submit the service verification for annual increment of teachers and other employees
1124/07/2017Processing and payment of air travel claims as per Rule 9.3 P.U. Accounts Mannual
1214/07/2017Inviting the proposals for Travel Subsidy under UGC General Development Assistant Grant
1322/06/2017Process of identifying the service books which got destroyed in the incident of fire
1414/06/2017E-tendering for procurement of goods and services.
1514/06/2017Reg. Form 16 for the Financial Year 2016-2017.
1609/06/2017Issued a new IMPORTER EXPORT CODE (IEC) 2217501658
1705/06/2017Amendments in Account Manual of P.U. (Purchase of goods without quotation Rs.25000/-
1802/06/2017The Bills of Electricity, Water, Telephone etc. submitted before the due date in Accounts Branch
1924/05/2017Provisional Form 16 2016-2017
2012/05/2017Decentralized Audit-Extension-Counters (DAEC) to facilitate the teaching Departments located at various placed in Sector-14 & 25 for the compliance of Audit procedure
2131/03/2017Web based publicity of Advertised Tender Enquiry. (ATI)
2220/03/2017Revised instruction regarding regulations of imprest
2317/03/2017'Decentralized Audit-Extension -Counters' to facilitate the teaching Deptt, located at various placed in Sec-14& 25
2416/03/2017Extension of date for submission of bills under N/P budget head for the F Y 2016-17 up to 21.03.2017
2522/02/2017Facilities for the Salary Account Holders
2621/02/2017Inviting the Proposal for Travel Subsidy under UGC General Development Assistance Grant
2703/02/2017Specimen signature of the drawing officer
2831/01/2017Submission of bills for payment under Non-Plan budget for the F Y 2016-17
2924/01/2017Revised instructions regarding regulation of Imprest.
3020/01/2017REMINDER Reg. Revised D C Rate Arrear
3116/01/2017Writing off the fixed assets/items (Equipments, Furniture etc.)
3211/01/2017Revised DC rates of various Daily Wage workers in Panjab University
3309/01/2017Enhance the DA from the existing rate 125% to 132% w.e.f. 01.07.2016
3421/12/2016Inviting the Proposal for Travel Subsidy under UGC General Development Assistance Grant
3502/12/2016Hassle Free Cashless Exercise
3630/11/2016Submission of T.A. Bills for journey travelled by road, separate detail be provided for mileage between Departure & Destination Stations & details of local travel, if any.
3725/11/2016Extended the date of Filling of 2nd Installment of Tuition Fee 30/11/2016 to 7/12/2016
3818/11/2016Performa for Submission of Details of Income & Saving for Financial Year 2016-17 for Income Tax
3927/10/2016New & Additional Demands For the Year 2017-2018
4021/10/2016Release of Salary (DW Employees) before 28.10.2016
4106/10/2016Payment of Diwali Festival Loan/ Advance For the Year 2016
4206/10/2016Rationalization of The Procedure For Release of Retirement Benefits to University Employee.
4304/10/2016Award of '25' Late Dewan Som Nath @400/ & '10' Late Radha Krishan Prem Kaur @150/- p.m. for 10 Months for the Year 2016-2017
4404/10/2016Award of Mrs. Udham Kaur Menon Education Scholarship @800/- p.m. for 10 Months for the Year 2016-2017
4504/10/2016Award of Late Sh. Pritam Nath & Mrs. Ram Piari Scholarships @ 500/- p.m. for 10 Months for the Year 2016-2017
4604/10/2016Milkhi Ram Sharma Memorial Scholarship @ 250/- p.m. for 10 Months for the Year 2016-2017
4704/10/2016Soldier's Relief Fund Award Of Two Scholarship @ 400/- p.m. for 10 Months For the Year 2016-2017
4804/10/2016Mrs. & Dr. V.S.Puri Scholarship @ Rs. 200/- p.m. for 10 months for the Year 2016-2017
4908/09/2016Enhance the Dearness Allowance 119% to 125% w.e.f. 01.01.2016
5005/09/2016Regarding Revision of Pay Scales of Laboratory and Technical Staff
5122/08/2016Approval of Air-travel of the Examiners appointed for the conduct of Ph.D Viva-Voce examination
5210/08/2016Performa for Seeking Additional Budget (Revised Estimate 2016-17)
5314/07/2016Mandatory Information For Seeking Advance
5413/07/2016Audit/Checking the accounts of Non-Plan for the period 2012-13 to 2014-15
5521/06/2016Stage of 14940/- be withdrawn and pay be re-fixed accordingly
5606/06/2016Registration of Departments on EPFO's Website
5730/05/2016Form 16 for the Financial Year 2015-2016
5823/05/2016Norms for Field Trips etc
5913/05/2016Checklist/ Performa for purchase items
6013/05/2016Compliance of Procedure & Rule- Procurement of Goods and Services
6122/04/2016Time Frame for Processing of various types of cases/bills
6222/04/2016University intends to engage a C A Firm for checking TDS Return 2016-17 & 2017-18
6308/04/2016Timely submission of Absentee statement & other information
6429/03/2016Payment Under UGC Schemes
6511/03/2016Map for Shuttle Bus Service Covering Important Areas of P.U. Campus, Sector -14 & 25, Chandigarh
6611/03/2016Shuttle Bus Services
6711/03/2016Organizing a Income Tax Return Receipt Camp at Guest House P.U. Chandigarh on 15.03.2016
6810/03/2016Guidelines for the Tax Prayers
6924/02/2016Reimbursement of bills under Impetus of Research. date for submission upto 15.3.2016
7004/02/2016Submission of bills for payment under Non-Plan budget for the financial year 2015-16
7103/02/2016Opening of Saving Bank Account for specific academic event - depositing a token amount of Rs.100/-
7225/01/2016Revival of the LTC Facility
7320/01/2016Physical verification of assets/stocks performa
7420/01/2016Physical verification of assets/stocks
7521/12/2015Extend various facilities to Small Scale Industrial Units
7630/11/2015Reimbursement of LTC/TA Claims
7705/11/2015New & Additional Demands for 2016-17
7829/10/2015Festival Loan/Advance for 2015
7929/10/2015New & Additional Demands for 2016-17
8026/08/2015Awareness Camp Of Income Tax Return On 27-08-2015
8125/08/2015Collection of Form 16 for the F.Y. 2014-15
8213/07/2015Wheat Loan Advance
8310/06/2015provision of transfer of non consumable articles/equipments to the main Asset Register
8425/05/2015Form 16 for the Financial Year 2014-2015
8531/03/2015Release of payment to University Employees
8630/03/2015Standard budget heads and utilization guidelines
8730/03/2015Two bid system amendment in the Rule 27.9.6 of P.U. Accounts Manual.
8827/03/2015Budget Allocations(Non-Plan) approved for 2015-16
8903/03/2015Declaration of Income Tax Calculation FY 2014-2015 A.Y 2015-2016
9003/03/2015Compliance of TDS provision w.r.t. payment of Remuneration out of advances
9126/02/2015Waiver of minimum balance charges.
9226/02/2015Timely Processing of various Bills/Cases
9326/02/2015Delay in payment of Leave Encashment.
9421/02/2015Submission of bills for payment under Non-Plan budget for the F Y 2014-15
9520/02/2015Timely submission of Absentee statement and other information
9629/12/2014Economy Measures - conveyd by Government of India

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