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P.U. Accounts Manual 2012


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General Accounts Rule


The Financial assistance admissible to the University Teachers (working on regular basis) subject to the availability of funds out of the following sub-heads under the budget Head: .Improvement of Education.:-

Sub Head Financial Assistance/Subsidy
A. Secretarial assistance to University teachers for typing and mailing of their research papers. Rs. 500/- in a financial year for all categories of teachers i.e. Asstt. Prof., Associate Professor and Professor
B. Advancement of research and education (purchase of books)/ Journals, membership of scientific societies etc. Rs. 3000/- in a financial year (2/3rd of the total amount spent)
C. Attending national conference/workshop/ Symposium within India. Rs. 20,000/- in a financial year (irrespective of no. of Conference)
  1. Requests for assistance to be addressed to the Dean of University Instruction being a sanctioning authority on a prescribed Performa for sanction registration fee (without late fee), T.A. (by Air( Air India Only) rail/bus as per entitlement ) /D.A. & local conveyance. Special case be sanctioned by the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. The reimbursement of expenditure on books and journals purchased from grants under sub-category (A) above, shall be admissible only in the case of books and journals which are :-
    1. of use in research carried out at the level of University teacher : or
    2. are related to the area of teacher.s specialization/ an allied subject; or
    3. serve as text books at the University level in the area of the teacher.s specialization.
  3. Funds for attending conferences shall ordinarily be made available to a teacher only when he/she is :-
    1. Presenting a duly accepted paper at a conference/symposium/workshop etc.;
    2. Presiding over a conference;
    3. Delivering an address as a Sectional President ;or
    4. Delivering an invited lecture.
  4. Only in a limited number of cases, funds can be made available to teachers for attending workshops/training courses etc. even when a paper is not being presented there by the teacher. However, the D.U.I. shall satisfy himself, by consulting a senior teacher in the related field, if necessary, that attending such a workshop/training course by a University teacher shall be in the interest of the Department concerned from the point of view of courses being taught or research areas covered in it.
  5. Ordinarily the name of two teachers from a Department shall be considered for attending the same Conference. In the case of large departments the number of teachers from one Department attending the same conference shall in no case exceed 10% of the strength of the faculty in that Department. This rule is not applicable for attending local conferences (within tricity)
  6. None of the following shall be entitled for subsidy out of .Improvement of Education.:
    1. Faculty appointed on Temporary/ Contract basis
    2. Retired/Re-employed faculty
  7. 80% advance of T.A. registration fee, local conveyance of total expenditure or amount available be sanctioned by the DUI subject to the previous adjustment account submitted/ adjusted by the teachers.
  8. Registration fee only be allowed without late fees, no late registration fee is admissible under the rule.
  9. The financial assistance of current Financial year is not to be adjusted or carry forward in the next financial year. However the financial assistance/travel subsidy w.r.t. Conference/Seminar etc. attended in a particular financial year (if not paid in the same financial year) shall be reimbursed during the next financial year and shall be charged to such next financial year.
  10. The registration payee receipts including online payee receipts, journey tickets, membership payee receipts, copy of conference attending certificate etc. shall be countersigned by the H.O.D. before the claim submit to the Accounts Branch.
  11. All non-teaching staff are entitled for financial assistance out of the Budget Head, .Improvement of Education. sub-head (c) for attending the conference/participate in Seminars and other activities with recommendation of the concerned Heads of the department/branches and sanctioned by the Registrar with maximum limit for Rs.10,000/- for a financial year out of the sub head (Code N/119/150)

    Before submitting the TA bill to the accounts branch for payment the claimant/department shall ensure the compliance of following requirements as applicable to the case:
    1. Copy of Prior sanction of Controlling Officer/competent authority,
    2. Countersignature of controlling officer,
    3. Original Journey tickets i.e rail,bus,air & taxi original Boarding pass( in case of air travel) duly countersigned by the competent authority
    4. Copy of invitation letter and copy of conference attending certificate duly counter signed by the controlling officer.
    5. Affidavit with respect to claim of travel subsidy
    6. Original Payee receipt etc.
    The other instructions issued by the University authority from time to time in respect to T.A. payment shall be applicable to the extent these are not in consistent to the above specific rules.

    Any payment on account of registration fee, hotel accommodation charges etc. made by the applicant through Internet Banking, Credit card/Debit Card, a payee receipt/copy of said payment shall be admissible on the basis of verification and countersigning by the controlling officer.

    Any matter and the rates/entitlements relating to TA/DA not provided in this chapter, and P.U. Calendar Volume-III or in the Punjab Government T.A Rules shall be regulated as per the provisions contained in Central Civil Services TA Rules with the approval by the Vice- Chancellor

    The rates and matter relating to TA/DA not provided in this chapter or P.U. Calendar Volume-III, the TA rules and matters shall be determined by the Vice-Chancellor

    Travel by Air on official account .both domestic and International:
    1. That in all cases of air travel, both domestic and international where the Government of India/University bears the cost of air passage, the officials concerned may travel only by Air India.
    2. E-ticket is acceptable provided the amount of the air fare is clearly reflected on the ticket.
    3. For travel to stations not connected by Air India, the officials may travel by Air India to the hub/point closest to their eventual destination beyond which they may utilize the services of another airline which should also preferably be an alliance partner of Air India.
    4. In all cases of deviation from these orders because of operational or other reasons or on account on non-availability, individual cases may be referred to the Vice-Chancellor for sanction. The officer/official could book their tickets through any travel agent approved by the IATA.
    5. The rate of daily allowance fixed by Government of India (Ministry of External Affairs) from time to time for journey on duty/attending conference etc. by the officials in various countries at abroad shall be applicable to University employees also.
    6. In case an employee travel by air (including other than Indian Airlines) in performance of official duty/attending conference/ seminars to which he/she is not entitled or not allowed then the reimbursement shall be limited/restricted to the rail fair as per the entitled class (other than Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express) on the basis of actual distance travelled or the distance (both ways) between the Head Quarter and Station of journey whichever is less subject to the actual amount spent on the journey.


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